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About us

Professional Numismatic shop. We specialize in Polish numismatics. In our offer you will find a huge selection of philatelic Polish and foreign, and lots of coins and banknotes from around the world, buy collections and collections using quotes and catalog market. We provide professional advice and help in the search for the missing copies. We invite all philatelists and numismatists!

The modern vision of numismatic store. Discounts, promotions, original gifts and other ideas available to all its customers. I invite all numismatic. We change the face of the collecting.

For many years our hobby is collecting, especially numismatics. we are trying to change the trends and principles on which rests our passion.

Products & Services

Numismatic products:


  • banknotes,
  • gold coin,
  • silver coins,
  • securities.

Orders can be placed in the shop 24 hours a day.
We invite you to visit our store.

Methods of payment: cash, bank transfer, credit card Visa, Mastercard, PayPal.

Shipping Poland and the whole world.

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Ordering serve around the clock MON.- SUN Sun.

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